Forensic Medicine Course, 4th Year Medicine

Pathology Department

Umm Alqura University


Dear Students,

It is my pleasure to organize this course in Forensic Medicine, a course that will draw your attention to the legal aspect of the practice of medicine. You will be introduced to the practice of Forensic Medicine in general, with focus on the setting in Saudi Arabia. The course includes one mandatory field visit to the Forensic Medicine Department in Makkah. If you are interesed to witness actual real cases, you may have a chance during this course to do so.

Looking forward for your participation.

Thank you

Raid Jastania


Course Design:

The course is divided into two main parts:

  • Didactic sessions, conducted in the class room with instructors 
  • Exercises (10) that you need to submit your response/comment online

You need to register in the course first to be able to respond to the "Exercises".


Couse Requirements:

You are required to attend at least 75% of the didactic sessions, and to submit your response to all of the 10 Exercises online. This online submission is available once you register in the course.

Last date for online submission is: April 23, 2016.



The assessment is completely based on your online submission of the 10 Exercises. There are 10 marks for each exercise. 



Most of the material of the course is availabe on this website.

Additional videos are also available on the this site.

The main book for this course is: Simpsons Forensic Medicine.



Raid Jastania

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