Intended Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the appropriate sessions (and the course), the students should be able to:


The Legal Systems / Medical Reporting: (3 hours)

  1. Describe the legal systems and the role of the doctor in law and court
  2. List, apply and understands the standards of writing medical report and appreciate the implications of poor and misleading reports

Medical Ethics: (4 hours)

  1. List the values of medical ethics
  2. Discuss and explain the effect of ethical values on the behavior of the health care workers
  3. Develop the attitude of considering ethical values in his/her thinking and behavior, and understands the implications of violating these values on the health system and the community

Malpractice and Medical Errors: (2 Hours)

  1. List the different types of malpractice and medical errors
  2. Construct pathways to analyze medical errors

Medical Aspects of Death: (2 hours)

  1. Define death, and somatic death
  2. Discuss the meaning of “cause of death” in forensic setting
  3. List, define and understand the implications of different “manners of death
  4. List the criteria of brain death, persistent vegetative state
  5. Discuss the implications and the treatment options in cases of brain death and persistent vegetative state

Death Certification: (3 hours)

  1. List the standards in filling “death certificate
  2. Apply, and discuss the value of filling well-written death certificate and the implications of poorly written ones
  3. Discuss the role of the doctor in filling death certificate. And List and discuss the situations of mandatory Forensic exam, and the legal issues in writing death certificate

Changes After Death: (2 Hours)

  1. Appreciate the value of Autopsy and describe briefly the procedure
  2. Develop the attitude of considering post mortem exam (autopsy) to answer the cause of death
  3. List and describe changes after death: lividity, rigidity, skin changes, cooling, and types of decomposition

Identification of the Living and the Dead / Wounds: (2 hours)

  1. List and describe the tools of “identification of body
  2. Define different types of wounds (contusion, laceration, cut…) and discuss the implication of finding wounds in dead bodies
  3. Describe the sings of Child abuse

Patterns of Injuries: (2 hours)

  1. Describe different patterns of injuries (eg. Beating, biting, punching…)
  2. Describe regional injuries (head, neck, chest, abdomen) and discuss the implications of these findings
  3. Describe the types of wounds and injures in Firearm injuries

Asphyxia: (2 hours)

  1. Define: asphyxia, suffocation, smothering, gagging, choking, strangulation, hanging
  2. Describe the signs of drowning
  3. List the common causes of unexpected natural death